the set up

Hiya, I'm Luke, a car enthusiast come barista. Pulled behind a 1990's classic Rover Cooper Mini, Hayden's Coffee is the very definition of authentic. The trailer is a homemade design, and is especially tailored to be pulled by a small car. The Mini itself has just been through a year-long renovation, including a full body spray, so is now back in its prime.

the coffee

The coffee machine runs on gas and, therefore, is a silent running set up. The machine is one of the very best and produces some of the most delicious coffee. At Hayden's the ethical issues surrounding the difficulties many coffee bean growers face, concerns us. Our beans originate from Indonesia, Costa Rica and Brazil and we ensure our farmers are paid above the Fairtrade price, meaning they get their fair cut of the coffee cup we sell.

other products

From our trailer we also sell a range of teas and soft drinks. The teas include:


English Breakfast


Earl Grey tea

Chai tea






Flat White


Soft Drinks

Coca Cola





We now also sell Bacon Butties 

We pitch up on Earlswood platform each, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings between 6:00 and 10 am. If you wanted to hire us for your event this might be a great time to talk about what we offer and to sample our incredible Coffee. 




Morning Coffee


Event Hire

The complementing old retro Mini and rustic-looking trailer bring a dynamic atmosphere to your special event. And, of course, the high quality, freshly ground coffee, gives guests a great value-warming beverage to chat over. Our set-up is entirely self-sufficient. All we need is a place and guests to serve!

We fit in great at:


-Corporate Events

-Film Sets



- and more...

   At public events, where guests will pay for their drinks, we will make an agreement with the organiser, and often offer a payment or a % of takings for the day.

   For private events, prices depend on the number of guests and the amount of time you would like me to pitch up for. This will include one free drink for each guest. We are able to produce up to around 80 hot drinks per hour. Approximate pricing is as follows, based on three hours of service:


50-100 guests        £200

100-200 guests      £300

200-400 guests     £400

400+                       Please enquire


This is a rough pricing guide, so please get in contact for more details.

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